HempWorx CBD OIL Helps a Momma Goat!

Another use for the CBD oil. I have a goat who had kids 8 days ago. Her skin was actually peeling off her teats and when I try to milk blood oozed out the side of them. I have some expensive cream for that but ran out. So I took another cream that had aloe and vit E in it. Added a dropper of the CBD oil and after milking rubbed that in. She is healed up now with only one small deep place that isn't healed all the way yet... Love how you can use this in so many ways!


Senior Dog's Hip Stiffness Relieved with HempWorx CBD Oil and CBD Dog Treats!

Our 13 year old border collie has suffered the last 2 years with arthritic pain. The vet has her on Deramax, which is very expensive and hard on the kidneys... it helps a bit but still not enough that she could jump in the car. We put Polly on CBD 250mg and the dog treats... 5 days later we had to take her to the groomer. Usually we put a ramp up to the door and she gets in the car... but not this time! She JUMPED in the car on her own! We got to the groomer and she bounded up the 10 steps... which she normally took one step at a time and slowly. Picked her up 3 hours later and she was still energetic... normally a grooming session leaves her wiped out... and she hopped in the car to go home! When we got home she didn't just lay down and sleep... she looked out the window and barked at dogs walking up the street. We are extremely impressed with this and only wish we'd known about CBD Oil for pets a couple years ago, before we had to put our big newfie down :(. Thank you HempWorx Global for making our "pup" comfortable!



CBD Oil really works on pets!  This testimony is from a cat owner whose cat has kidney disease.

CBD also works on pets! My daughter's 15 year old cat was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease five months ago. She began to have a rapid decline in health, we were preparing for euthanasia. After 1 dose of CBD she began eating hers kidney approved food and was playing like a kitten, which we have not seen in months!

Molly & Wally

CBD Oil for Backward Sneezing in Pug Dogs

Just wanted to share my results on giving CBD Oil to my pups my oldest pug usually gets backwards sneezes a lot and since giving him the oil he has yet to have one... 1 month strong 💪 He has also calmed down a bit along with his sister. They started with 2 drops a day and have increased to 4 drops a day.
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