How is CBD Oil Beneficial for Pets and Horses?

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CBD Serving for Pets & Horses
January 20, 2018

How is CBD Oil Beneficial for Pets and Horses?

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Dogs, Cats & Horses Can Benefit from CBD

pets dogs cats horses animal CBD oil benefits natural healingThose of us who have pets understand that cats and dogs are more than family to us. They stand by us irrespective of the conditions and times. They become our best friends and our partners in crime. They understand us better than anyone else. It is very difficult to see our pets suffering at any given point. It is very necessary to maintain the health of your pet for as long as possible. Although you can’t stop what destiny has in store, you can always keep your pet healthy and vigorous for as long as possible.

Studies have found that cannabidiol oil has been beneficial to deal with several issues among pets. CBD may help with inflammation, anxiety, seizures, pain and nausea, to name just a few.

Is CBD Safe for My Pets?

The cannabidiol oil used for pets contains only trace amounts of THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes the sensation of being high. It’s non psychoactive and is equally safe for cats, dogs and horses.

CBD oil from hemp that utilizes C02 extraction of the entire plant ensures purity and potency. Organic, non-gmo hemp oil does not contain any pesticide residue and is a full spectrum oil.

It is necessary to provide your pets and horses with the perfect dosage.  The serving size depends on the weight of the animal as well as the health issue. It might take a few days for the results to become visible. Start slowly and gradually increase until the desired result is achieved.

Why CBD?

A number of international medical studies suggest that cannabidiol helps in dealing with conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, seizures, convulsions, post traumatic stress disorder and much more. Tons of research can be found by googling any health issue.

How will CBD Help My Dog, Cat or Other Pets?

Cannabidiol helps dogs and cats deal with chronic and acute diseases. Chronic conditions such as arthritis, stress responses, aggression, problematic immunity system and digestive problems have been proven to be relieved by the use of CBD oil. Studies are still undergoing to understand the effects of CBD on type 1 diabetes and cancer among animals, though many testimonials state this is helping pets and people!

Animal professionals are also helping pets find relief from acute ailments like sprains, strains, torn ligaments, bone breaks and with post operative care. CBD helps in reducing swelling, pain and stiffness.

In case your pets are taking any of the usual drugs to treat these conditions, CBD may be useful to lower doses of the drugs to achieve therapeutic results. Also, it is important to remember that pharmaceuticals have side effects while cannabidiol oil is completely safe to use on pets. Herbs and natural healing methods are more preferred to medicines by most people these days.

In horses cannabidiol oil is also very therapeutic. It helps horses with all kinds of chronic and acute pain related problems. Regular intake of CBD oil can help horses become healthier and faster. Many horses suffer from gastritis, ulcers, colon problems, indigestion and so on. A small amount of CBD oil in their can be very useful in providing relief.

It may take time to see visible improvement, but it is encouraged to start slowly and gradually increase the dose.


Cannabidiol aka CBD is becoming a very popular method for natural healing and pain management. People, pets and horses are benefitting from daily use of non-psychoactive CBD products.

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