CBD Serving for Pets & Horses

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CBD Oil – A Breakthrough in Natural Healing for People, Pets & Horses
January 20, 2018
cbd oil benefts people pets and horses
How is CBD Oil Beneficial for Pets and Horses?
February 22, 2018

CBD Serving for Pets & Horses

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How Much CBD Oil for Pets & Horses – Start Off Slowly and Build Up

CBD Serving for Pets, Cats, Dogs

Size: 250 mg

1 20 lbs = 1 – 2 mg, 4 – 8 drops

21-45 lbs= 2 – 3 mg, 8-12 drops

46-74 lbs =  4 – 5 mg, 16-20 drops

CBD Serving for Horses

Size: 750 mg 20 drops = 15 mg

General Health: 40-80 mg/day

Chronic Pain: 100 to 200 mg/day

Ulcers/Acid Reflux: 80 to 100 mg/day

Anxiety: 80 mg/day

Pre-Race/Performance: 200 to 1,000 mg

NOTE: Like humans, dogs and cats, every horse is different. Start off slow and work your way up. Experimentation is the key to finding what works best on your horse. Many horsemen start with a higher dose to try and get a particular issue under control and then scale back once the condition has improved. Others start with a small dose and then gradually scale up until the desired result is achieved.



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