CBD Oil – A Breakthrough in Natural Healing for People, Pets & Horses

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CBD Dosing for Pets & Horses
January 20, 2018

CBD Oil – A Breakthrough in Natural Healing for People, Pets & Horses

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What is CBD Oil?

HempWorx CBD Hemp Oil Pets Dogs Cats Natural Organic Holistic Healing RemedyCBD Oil – Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that is identified in the cannabis plant. CBD is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses for having a wide scope of medicinal benefits – due to clinical reports and mounds of test data showing little to no side effects and a lack of psychoactivity (typically associated with marijuana products and high THC). CBD benefits are vast!

How Does CBD Work in People, Pets & Horses?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoid receptors (known as CB1 and CB2) help regulate a wide range of bodily functions, including pain relief, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, mood and so much more.

Nothing we can ingest (non-drug) on a regular basis, reduces inflammation like CBD. Enhancing our endocannabinoid systems (EDS) with CBD, will help to control inflammatory responses using our own internal mechanisms for doing so. This is the most exciting new advancement in natural pain management. If there is one supplement that every person, pet and horse should be on, it is overwhelmingly CBD.

CBD Oil May Help with:

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Pain Relief
  • Seizures & Epilepsy
  • Prevent & Kill Cancer
  • Protects Nervous System
  • All Types of Inflammation
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disease
  • Blood Pressure
  • Menopause
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Neuroprotective
  • Promotes Bone Growth
  • PTSD
  • Skin Conditions
  • Migraines

For an exhaustive list, GOOGLE! There is so much research and testimonies pouring in. CBD is worthy of your attention!

How to Choose a Good CBD Oil

  • Make sure the product is certified organic: If it isn’t organic, your CBD oil contains pesticides, fungicides or solvents and is not pure.
  • Don’t Be Cheap: The higher the quality and purity, the higher the cost. Don’t price shop … make sure your CBD oil is free of additives and has a good amount of CBD HempWorx is the PUREST CBD available and is manufactured at the only FDA approved facility in the USA!
  • Check the Analysis: Ask for a lab analysis of the amount of CBD in the product. Many CBD oils contain only small amounts of CBD. The manufacturer should provide a certificate of analysis. You’ll also want to make sure there is little or no THC in the product. HempWorx provides their analysis and certification right on their website www.hempworx.global and their THC is less than .03%, which is trace.
  • Buy CBD as a Tincture: You can buy CBD in treats but the best form is in a tincture. This way, you can adjust dosage to make sure you and your pets & horses reap the most benefit.
    Start off slowly … and gradually increase until the desired effect is reached.

HempWorx Global provides dosing instructions on their website as well.

Order online without a prescription. HempWorx products ship from Nevada. Pricing is in U.S. funds but there is no duty. When you purchase a 4 pack, you save $77.00.
HempWorx has products for people and pets. Tinctures come in 250mg, 500mg and 750mg and there are biscuits for dogs as well.

Some CBD Testimonials:

Dog: A senior Staffordshire Terrier had a 6cm mammary tumor and metastasis that disappeared in 3 months and didn’t come back …
Cat: Chica was a nervous nelly and very unfriendly. CBD has made her calm and loving. Such a pleasure!
Horse: Belle, x race horse, lame in hocks. The clicking in Belle’s hocks is gone and she is showing no lameness in them. She is moving more freely in her front end, which is probably due to a decrease in the soreness. Her general over-all condition has greatly improved. We never got these results with glucosamine.

Order Pure Organic CBD Online or call Toll Free 1 833 633 4367.

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